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Horosoft 5.0 Preview

More Than 45 Pre Defined Worksheets


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Multiple Horoscopes

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   Basic Calculations

Basic Details

Birth Time in Ghati, Sunrise, Sunset, Day-Duration, Bhayat,  Bhabhog, Balance of Dasha, Avakhada / Ghat Chakra, Lucky Day,  Stone, Color Etc, Samvat, Lunar Paksha, Lunar Tithi Etc.

Karaka / Avastha

Details of Karaka, Avastha and Tara Chakra, along with Moon  Chart.

Shodash Varga

Shodash Varga Table Along with all 16 Shodash Varga Charts  (Dreshkana, Chaturthamsa, Shodasamsa Etc.)


Yogini, Kalchakra, Kalchakra Pratyanter, Ashtottari, Ashtottari   Pratyanter, Char Dasha, Vimshottari Dasha, Antar, Pratyanter &   Shooksham.


Friendship Table (Permanent, Temporary, Five-Fold), Shodashvarga Table, Prastarashtakvarga Table, Ashtakvarga Table, Compatible  Table, Daily Ephemeries, Monthly Ephemeries, Ascendent table,  K.P.Lagan Table. K.P.Sub-Lord Table, Moon Table Etc...


According to both Hindi Samvat and English AD, Tithi Etc.

Jaimini System

Char Dasha, Char Karak, Karakamsha Chart, Swamsha Chart, Pad  Lagna, Jaimini Aspect.

K.P. System

Lord and Sub-Lords of Planets, Planetary Position according to  Lagna or according to 1-249 Nos., Prime Significators, Aspects,  General Significators with Star Lord, Niryana Cusp Etc.

Nadi Astrology

A brainchild of Mr. Umang Taneja which is based on theory of Lord and Sub Lords of Planets, Co-Ordinates of Planets, Niryana  Cusps Etc.

Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab Basic Details, Lal Kitab Friendship Details, Lal Kitab Dasha, Lal Kitab Teva, Lal Kitab Ancestral Curse, Lal Kitab Predictions of  all 12 Planets, Remedies, Yearly Chart Etc.

Kalsarpa Yoga

Shows if the Horoscope is under the influence of Kalsarpa Yoga  along with its Effects on a Person's life and the Remedies to repel  the same.


Features more than 500 Yogas. Now view all the Yogas, Applicable  in a Horoscope along with the Cause for the Formation  of the Yoga and its Effects on a Persons Life.

Bio-Rhythmic Chart

A Graphical Display that shows the Rise and Fall of the Health, Finance and Emotions of a Month.

Chaugadhia, hora and rahu kaal chart
Gandmool nakshatra, Rahu kaal, Dwipushkar yog

Upgraha of Planets

Bhava Chalit, Niryan Cusp Etc..

Sudarshan Chakra, Shadbal, Bhavbal

Rahu Kaal, Gand Mool, Panchak, Amrith sidhi Yog, Dwipushkar Yog, Swarth Siddhi Yog Etc.

Harsh bala, Sahams, Triptaki Chakra and Vedhas

Chaughadia, which helps Assessing the Mahurat (Auspicious Time)  for an Event. It Displays Kaal, Udveg, Laabh Etc

Sunrise and Sunset, Moonrise and moonset of any city in the world

Check the Placement of any Planet/Houses in any Sign, Star  (Nakshatra), or Degree for any given date of Past and Future.

Moon table according to both, the change of Sub-Lord and the change of Sub-Sub-Lord


Annual Predictions

Calculates Varshphal Analysis for 150 Yrs. Displays Basic Details, Natal Details, VarshPhal Details, Harshbala, Panchvargeeya Bala, Varshesh, Muntha, Sahams, Triptaki Chakra, Analysis, Predictions  Etc.

Planet Analysis

Displays the Influence, Placement and  Ownership of all the  Planets in detail and telling a person how  they have shaped  his/her destiny.

Life Analysis

After analyzing the entire chart of the native, it provides personalized predictions concerning  Health, wealth, Family, Property, Education, Career, Diseases, Income, Spouse, Children, Travel, Residence, Gains Etc.

Saturn Transit

It provides the Complete Details of Saturn displaying its Influence  on a Persons Life. It Provides the Details of Complete Sade Saati  of Seven and Half Years, Its Time Periods, Effects and also the  Remedies to Repel the Evil Effects.

Nakshatra Phal

Nakshatra Phal According to various Vedic books.

Stone Remedies

Stone Remedies along with the Method of Adoption, Mantras and  also Recommendation of Gems according to the Problem.

Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab Predictions.


Numerology Predictions.

Manglik Vichar

Effects of Mars and its Details (Manglik Vichar).

Dasha Phal

Dasha Phal According to Dashas. Displays Predictions based on Maha Dasha and Antar Dasha.

Yoga Predictions

Predictions for more than 500 Yogas, Applicable in a Horoscope.

Kal Sarpa Yog

Predictions for Kal Sarpa Yog.

       Match - Making

Basic Details

Lagan, Rashi, Nakshatra, Nadi, Varan, Vaishya,  Yuja, Hansak Etc of both male & female.


Lagan Chart, Navamsa chart, Moon Chart and  Chalit Chart of both male and female.

Vimshottari Dasha

Vimshottari Dashas of both Male and Female.


After scanning the horoscopes of the Couple, a detailed analysis  of Gunas and Dosh is Displayed.